Quick Installation
& Minimal Disruption

Traditional grids take up to 2-3 days to install. The Hopkins Quick-Fit Cattle & Deer Grids™ can be installed in as little as 3 hours! Unlike others on the market there is no tedious putting together of sections, our customers are truly amazed by how quickly they can use the grid!

We now also offer installation services. If you would like a free quote, please let us know when enquiring and we will be happy to help. Otherwise, over the 30-plus years we have been in business we have many contractors all over the UK who regularly install our grids. If you are unable to locate a contractor, we are able to source one more local to you.

Stage 1

Excavate a pit to take the size of the grid, 30 inches deep and remove excess excavation to the edge of the site and level it off.

Excavator digging a pit for a Hopkins cattle grid

Stage 2

Supply and lay a 100mm perforated drain in the pit to discharge any accumulation of water (if required). Supply and lay hardcore in the base of the pit and fully consolidate (12 inches when consolidated).

There are 150mm outlet holes in the outside of the base to pipe excessive water to a ditch or drain if needed. The grid frame can now be off-loaded and carefully lowered into the pit.

Hardcore being laid in pit for Hopkins cattle grid

Stage 3

The grid sections are then placed on top of the grid frame and are retained in position by a Steel Flat up-stand and secured using the bolts provided.

Hopkins cattle grid being installed in pit

Stage 4

The wing panels can then be fitted in the slots provided, thereafter the area around the grid frame is backfilled with hardcore and consolidated.

Wing panels being installed on Hopkins cattle grid

Stage 5

Three hours later. The grid is ready for immediate use.

Hopkins cattle grid after installation

Concrete Pad

Frame to be bedded on a minimum 150mm thick slab, RC32/40concrete mix to B58500 with A193 fabric top and bottom, 300mmlaps with 40mm cover cast on a suitable base of 150mm minimum layer of well-compacted MOT Type 1 stone hardcore.

See our full installation guide here See our Maintenance Schedule here

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