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What makes you different to other cattle grid suppliers? -

Unlike other companies, this is all we do. We are the only firm in the UK that solely produces cattle grids and we have over 30,000 grids across the UK and Islands alone which is more than any other manufacturers combined. We are also the creators of the quick-fit system which eradicated the need for concrete block work back in the 80s so, there is no one who knows more about them than we do. We have a bespoke factory based in Newtown, Wales and every day is spent producing cattle and deer grids. We still have grids over 40 years old in daily use and that’s part of our quality promise - that our grids are built to last, not to replace. Our best form of advertisement is word of mouth.

Which grid do I need? -

Firstly, you should assess the stock you are dealing with. We have many grids to cover all types of livestock. For instance, if you are replacing an old 3rd party grid which is no longer effective at keeping your sheep or cattle in/out we would advise going for our Sheep Proof Grid. These grids have an extra defence for those persistent animals who don’t know when to quit. You often find that once animals learn how to get across, they become incredibly difficult to stop and although the standard grid may work, that extra layer of defence ensures the job.

How wide does my grid need to be? -

Regarding the BS4008:2006, the minimum advised grid width is 2.75m however, we always advise installing the widest grid you can purely because of the ever-growing size of vehicles. Back when we started in the late 80’s our most popular size of grid was 10ft wide and as it stands today, we are seeing our most popular grids becoming 12ft and 14ft widths which is due to the vast increase in the size of machinery and HGV’s. We only want our customers to have to do the job once and not have to remove the grid to install a wider unit when the machinery struggles to cross. We do however understand that you may be restricted by track width so we will always cater to your individual needs.

What load capacity do I need if I’m only residential with the odd fuel/waste lorry? -

We offer a 26- and 50-ton load capacity grid for private use. The most cost-effective unit will always be our 50-ton grid, and this is to do with the weight of the units. For example, if a 12ft 50- and 26-ton grid weighs approx. 1000 and 800kg, respectively, then with an example steel price of £1000 per ton the price difference is only £200. Due to almost identical construction, the fabrication costs are the same and so the savings are only in the materials. This means double the load capacity without double the cost. Hence, we would always recommend the heavier unit based on value for money.

How long does my grid need to be? -

This all depends on what animals you are dealing with. For compliance with BS4008:2006, 2.6m is the advised minimum for cattle and sheep which ours are as standard. However, they also state that “it is not claimed that grids shorter than this will necessarily be unsuccessful” meaning if you have an old-style shorter grid that has not failed then we would of course accommodate your needs.

It also recommends a minimum of 4m when dealing with deer, but we only recommend this for small deer such as Muntjac. For any medium to large types, such as red deer, we always advise our standard deer grids which are 4.6m long.

Where can I view one of your grids? -

We have got you covered. Many of our friendly customers are happy for prospective customers to come and visit their grids and are never too far so there’s a good chance of one being within a few miles. We also have grids in our yard in Newtown where we are happy for you to call in for a cup of tea and browse our collection.

How do your grids drain? -

All grids are provided with 150mm outlets on either end as standard. You can then hook piping up to these and drain to a soakaway. The hardcore installation will have a level of natural drainage through the stone, so another method is to lay perforated pipe in the hardcore and again lead to a soakaway.

How do I clean the grid out? -

Check out the video below for a quick and easy demonstration of cleaning out your pit.

Do your grids work for other animals such as dogs? -

We often get asked this question and it is a difficult one to answer as dogs are incredibly smart animals compared to your general livestock. If you have a dog yourself, you will know they are far more adventurous (and cheeky!). Therefore, we could not guarantee they would work for dogs but our Sheep Proof Grids stand the best chance as these make it near impossible for animals to cross and would be the best bet for dealing with dogs.

Are side rails optional? -

The simple answer is yes, you can choose to have no side rails, but the grid will need something running along the sides to prevent animals cutting the corners. This can of course be whichever style you like, be it estate railings or wooden fencing. You can also get away with no side rails if the grid is positioned between two pillars.

Do I need planning permission for installing a grid? -

Each circumstance is different and so you will need to contact your local planning authority to confirm whether planning permission is required.

I am interested in installing a grid, what do you need to know to provide me with a quote? -

We only need to know the following: what width grid you require, whether it is a private or public road, what traffic the grid will be taking and a postcode for delivery. Once we have these details, we can get a quote to you as soon as possible.

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