Quick Installation and Minimal Disruption.

Direct from the Manufacturer with HOPKINS quick fit cattle and deer grids. Traditional grids take up to 2-3 days to install. The HOPKINS grid can be installed in 3 hours! THERE IS NO COMPARISON, no tedious putting sections together,our customers are truly outstanded by how quick they can use the grid!

1st Stage - 10.45 am

Excavate a pit approximately 30" deep and remove excavation to edge of site and level off.

2nd Stage - 11.30 am

Supply and lay 100mm perforated drain in pit to discharge any accumulation of water. Supply and lay hardcore in base of pit and fully consolidate. There are outlet holes in the outside of the base to pipe excessive water to a ditch or drain if needed.

3rd Stage - 12.45 pm

Transport arrives on site. The grid frame is off-loaded and carefully lowered into the pit. The grid sections are then placed on top of the grid frame and are retained in position by a steel angle upstand, which is an integral part of the grid frame. The wing panels can then be fitted in slots provided, thereafter the area around the grid frame is back filled with hardcore and consolidated.

4th Stage - 1.45 pm

Three hours later. The grid is ready for immediate use.


Dig out a pit to take the size of grid. Dig to a depth of 2'6", backfill with hardcore 16" depth, consolidate down. Place grid unit on hardcore base. Backfill around edges and drive over in 3 hours. Put perforated pipe under hardcore for drainage purposes. You can also install on a 150mm concrete pad if you wish. GENERALLY 3 - 4 HOURS FROM THE START OF DIGGING IT IS READY FOR USE!

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