The Hopkins deer grid (featured right). Ideal for Forestry, Estates and Country Park roads where the control of deer is necessary. 4m Jump width is the minimum advised  BS distance but our customers  told us this is not enough for the control of Red Deer and we adopted this as our distance, but we fabricate any size the customer requires.

Delivered in sections.
Available in any width required. Jump width 15ft 3ins. (4.6m)

  • load tested to 50 tonnes
  • very little maintenance
  • complete with hedgehog ramp
  • galvanised or painted your choice

Preferred by leading Forestry Companies, Farmers and Estates.

There is no other grid so easy or economical to install. 

Supplied throughout mainland U.K. and the Islands. Please ring for a quotation.


We have two heavy duty high-way cattle grid designs which cover large volumes of heavy traffic and abnormal loads.

  • Full structural reports and installation guides are available upon request.
  • Load tested to 120 tons capacity / 30 Ton axle weight
  • Load tested to 64 tons capacity / 18  Ton axle weight
  • Both are adequate for 30 units of HB loading
  • Designed to BS 4008;2006 and BD 37/01 standards
  • Also available BS EN 1991-2 Part 2 : Traffic Loads which is the new Euro coding which has replaced the above BD 37/01 standard on the 120 ton capacity
  • Ideal for Highways, Wind Farms and Forestry roads
  • Galvanized finish

120 Ton Highway Grid

64 Ton Highway Grid

120 Ton Highway Grid

Drainage Grid

Due to the increasing wet weather we have been asked to make Drainage Grids to to help divert water from a entance or exit to a property. Please call for a price for whatever width you require.


With Cycle tracks becoming very popular and going through farm land, the Hopkins Cattle grid has been adapted to cater for this need.

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